Navigate AWS Environments with ease
Single pane of glass for all your AWS credentials and bastion hosts
Available on Windows, MacOS(x86 and ARM) and Linux.
FeaturesEverything you need to get connected
Auto configuration
CloudGlance manages your ~/.aws/credentials so that you don't have to manually edit files. It's basically a GUI for your ~/.aws files.
Firefox container integration
Open multiple AWS consoles at the same time with Firefox Containers.
All AWS authentication types
CloudGlance creates temporary credentials with STS from either your IAM Role, IAM User, IAM Federated login or AWS SSO as stored in your ~/.aws/credentials. MFA is supported.
Export to profile/terminal
Export temporary STS credentials to your terminal or to another AWS profile.
Single-click navigation into your most loved AWS service console pages. Helping you get through those morning dashboard monitoring routines.
Bastion Management
Visualize & manage connections between bastions and available local ports used for port forwarding. CloudGlance makes managing multiple bastions a breeze.
Bastion SSH & AWS SSM
Both classic SSH(.pem) and AWS SSM are supported.
Team collaboration using Git
Built in Git support to manage CloudGlance Profiles across your teams. Push, pull and merge JSON configuration profiles at the click of a button.
Getting you to the AWS Console as fast as possible.
CloudGlance can generate temporary STS credentials from any AWS profile:
  • IAM Role
  • IAM User + Federated login
This enables CloudGlance to:
  • Securely log in to the AWS Console using Firefox Containers
  • Export credentials to the terminal as Environment Variables
  • Export to another AWS Profile

MFA is supported for all authentication types where possible.

Exporting temporary credentials to an AWS profile is not considered best practice, but it is a stopgap until more tools support AWS SSO login. Learn more about the Firefox Container integration here and here.
Connect your Bastions and never trip over the same local port.
CloudGlance has a unique visual interface to help manage Bastion port forwarding.

Unfortunately not everyone can run without a VPC and keeping track of which client port forwards on what port can be a headache. Until now.

We currently support SSH configurations with .pem authentication as well as AWS SSM. The AWS SSM client needs to be installed for this to work.
Team management backed by Git
CloudGlance leverages your Git client to push, pull and merge configurations at a click of a button.

The configuration files (CloudGlance Profiles) are plain JSON files that never contain any secrets. These profiles can be managed by your favorite Git provider and shared across your existing team. There is no need to learn a new permission system.

Not a fan of Git? No problem, you can share files by importing and exporting configuration files as well.
Free during the early stage release but we do plan to charge a cup of coffee or two per month. We believe in transparency so that you get no surprises, this will be communicated well in advance.
Available on Windows, MacOS(x86 and ARM) and Linux.
About👋 I'm Rehan!
I make things go fast with AWS Serverless, turning an unhealthy amount of coffee into outcomes by delivering value beyond code. I am an AWS Community Hero and Founder of CloudGlance which I am building in public. You can find my blog over here:

You should know that it is just me behind CloudGlance, solo, bootstrapped and determined to make an impact. You will talk directly to me when you communicate with CloudGlance, someone who builds CloudGlance daily and wants to solve your problems. I can only achieve my goals by staying small and profitable at this stage, that means charging a fair and sustainable price.

I started CloudGlance after managing many clients for consultancy. They all have different AWS authentication procedures and methods for getting onto the their private subnets and keeping track was somewhat of a nightmare.

Logging in to multiple AWS console always left me with a bitter feeling and I knew there had to be a better way. Similarly there where many bastions hosts to keep track off, especially which local ports are active or might be clashing with a different bastion port forwarding session. Hence CloudGlance was born to put everything into boxes and reduce cognitive overhead and fatigue of managing multiple clients.
AWS Community Hero
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